Window renovation brings more requests for quotes from neighbours

Working on a very large property just outside Radcliffe on Trent near Nottingham.  We have been renovating and restoring some large sash windows, window casements and had to replace some sills.

Client now asked us to quote on double glazed conversions to keep the property warm, condensation free and quieter as it fronts a major road.

The whole job is looking so good now that the next door neighbour has asked us to quote for his property.


Just received payment from a customer on Friar Lane in center or Nottingham and her comments were
Please find enclosed a cheque to the value of…. in respect of the repair of two sash windows at our premises on Friar Lane. The work has been carried out to a high standard and the workmen were both efficient and professional. Thank you for a job well done.

It is nice to receive payment but even nicer with a thank you!!


Carrying on with the sash window re-furb at Claremont Primary School, they have a lot of Victorian window winders and we are stripping them down and fixing broken parts and then re-coating them, its quite a time consuming job. Most of the windows in the main part are now completely done and they look good. Particularly looking now to start another school or similar project.
Had a call to go and see another property and when we got there the homeowner said that they had been recommended to us by someone in Radcliffe on Trent, which was nice, but what was also quite interesting is that we had, in fact done, some of the sash windows on this property a couple of years ago for the previous owners (no doubt helped to sell the property), so these customers could see the value of our work.


Listed Building Consent

If you own a building which is listed, usually grade II, then it is vital that you seek consent before making any changes to the windows, we have been called in to look at a lovely property which the customer did not realise was listed it is on a fairly ordinary street but the customer had replaced the old windows and put in PVC double glazed units, now the Council are insisting that these windows are removed and replaced with a like for like with the old original wooden windows all at the customers expense!

This is obviously a skilled carpenters job because we have had to take photographs of the windows in adjacent buildings and construct exact replicas to replace the plastic ones.

So it really is essential to check before using PVC windows to replace wooden ones. Its also essential that a good craftsman like Adam is brought in to do such work.

But, on the posative side the wooden windows will look wonderful and be worth the effort.






Starting a lovely job at Burton Joyce today, its a very nice house and all the casements need renovating or re-newing there are some leaded lights and we will encapsulate these into double glazed units and replace the existing single glazed units with double glazing thereby cutting down on heating bills and draughts, still keeping the existing windows so the house loses none of its original character.

Draughts from ill fitting or rotten windows?

Still renovating traditional homes with replacement or re-worked windows. Its been very windy lately and it tends to show where the windows are not fitted or sealed as well as they might be. So whether its a replacement casement, a full restoration or a simple casement re-hang and draught seal fitted we are eliminating the draughts and reducing heating bills one way or another, it also adds value to the property