It’s certainly going to be great when its finished, the front room is already noticably warmer and there’s no condensation on the windows in the morning.  The guys have been great the whole time and we completely appreciate you squeezing us in so quickly.

An email from a customer where we are part way through a renovation of sash windows.




We are finding that lots of people at this time of the year are noticing the draught coming from poorly fitting windows and doors.

Just had a call to go to see a lady where we did double glazed conversions to the windows in her previous home in 2009 and now she wants us to do the same in her present home, always nice to know that we did such a good job for a customer that they want us to go back.

Her new home is lovely – it has old stained glass windows and these will need to be carefully taken out, refurbished where necessary and then encapsulated into a double glazed unit and then put back into the renovated window frames that we will be making.

Such a pleasure to maintain the character of these older buildings with the traditional windows and doors.



Mansion in Sherwood

Just finishing a very large property in Sherwood, renovating where possible or replacing old rotted windows with double glazed units to keep out the winter blues.  Its been a long job with some curved frames being quite a challenge but we are up to the job!!  Not all the windows are sash windows some have been normal casements and also a couple of doors and some garage doors.  Just been given the go-ahead on a couple of new jobs as well so all looking good.

New Website Launched

Sash Windows Notts and the owner Adam Pentz are delighted to announce the launch of a new website and Blog.

In the coming weeks and months we will be covering the latest topics and customer questions in our Blog so bookmark our site and pop back soon.