Single Glazed to Double Glazed

Most wooden box sash windows pre-date the invention and introduction of sealed unit double glazing and are of single pane construction. Whilst they look great they are not so good at retaining heat and cutting energy usage but this need no longer be the case.

Double Glazing a Single Glazed Sash Window

Thanks to the development of Argon gas-filled slimline sealed units we can now replace single panes in sliding sash windows.

By then installing an energy saving double glazed unit you save heat and money without affecting the look and appeal of the wooden sash window.


sash re-glazingAdam can remove the old glass and beadings and professionally rout out a new channel for the slimline units to sit in. There is no loss of strength,security or appearance.

This can be done at the same time as a general sash service or when any other repair or restoration work is being carried out.

It is even more cost effective if done at the same time as other work.

Free Double Glazing Assessment

Whilst the majority of wooden box and sliding sash windows with single glazing can be successfully converted to double glazing not all casements are suitable.

Adam will gladly conduct a free inspection of your sash windows to determine whether or not your windows are able to be converted and will then work you out a fixed price quotation without obligation.

Convert to Double Glazing & Cut YOUR Heating Costs